Which properties are available in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK?

Office and warehouse rental spaces in different sizes and various combinations. WALTER BUSINESS-PARK offers office space from 100m2, warehouse space for self-management from 280m2 and small warehouses from 25m2 for long-term leasing.

Which industries are the tenants from?

The tenants of the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK are wholesale, distribution and service companies from various industries:
Medical technology, electric tools, technical products, packaging, food, promotional products, cleaning, sanitary wholesale and many more.

Take a look at your future neighbours: Key Accounts

How many tenants are already in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK?

More than 70 successful companies from 15 countries with approx. 1,000 employees use the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK as their company site.

What distinguishes the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK?

The homely atmosphere, the planning, the management and maintenance of properties by our own staff, the optimal pricing and last but not least the flexibility, which only a private company can offer.

So far, a total of 7 buildings (building phases) have been completed. These are being continuously developed further.

Many innovations have been implemented for our tenants in recent years, e.g.

  • increased flexibility in the combinability of office & warehouse space,
  • continually upgrading facilities,
  • Office units with loggias,
  • Small warehouse in the basement,
  • Underfloor heating in the warehouse or
  • the spacious open plan design with trees, biotopes and fountains.

How much space is currently available at WALTER BUSINESS-PARK?

WALTER BUSINESS-PARK currently has more than 70,000m2 of office and warehouse space. 15,000m2 of this space is allotted to the new construction project, buliding phase 7, which was completed in December 2015.

If you are interested in this available rental space, please contact us via the listed contact or call us on +432236 4020-0.

Are commerical properties also available for single use?

In addition to office & warehouse space in WALTER BUSINESS-PARK, we also offer prestigious commercial properties in Vienna and the surrounding areas for single use.

How quickly is a property in WALTER BUSINESS-PARK ready for occupation?

The rental spaces in WALTER BUSINESS-PARK are ready for occupation promptly. You should allow a lead time of approx. 3 months for the processing of rental contracts and your specific adaptation of the rental unit.

How are the offices furnished?

The modern, bright office spaces are located above the rented warehouse unit. They are directly connected via a staircase. Each office unit has an integrated sanitary area and a modern fitted kitchen. All windows can be opened. A suspended, sound-absorbing ceiling with IT-suitable lighting and a high-quality carpet (carpet tiles) provide a pleasant working environment.

Buildingk phase 7 also provides tenants with their own loggia, LED lighting with BUS-controls, ceiling with integrated cooling/heating system with ventilation and a large, fully-equipped kitchen. In addition, a modern IT infrastructure is provided.

How are the warehouses furnished?

The multi-functional warehouse spaces at WALTER BUSINESS-PARK can be used from two sides: via the docking ramps for trucks (HGVs) and at ground level for delivery vans and small trucks.

All warehouse units can be heated. The warehouses are between 6 - 8.5m high.

The warehouse for buliding phase 7 has industrial underfloor heating, high-quality LED lighting, electrical levellers and sealing lips on the gates.

How long is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract period is usually 60 months but flexible special arrangements are possible.

What costs are involved in a rental contract and who bears these?

Costs incurred with regard to fees for the rental contract shall be borne by the tenant.

Are changes to the floor plan possible?

Of course, the floor plans can be flexibly designed in the design stage.

Who bears the costs for tenant-specific changes?

Our Construction & Facility Management team will execute the planning for you free of charge. Any adaptation costs shall be borne by the tenant. An investment contribution is possible and depends on the type of investment and the duration of the rental contract.

What is included in the operating costs?

The operating costs include all costs in accordance with §21 of the Rental Act. In addition, costs for the removal of snow from the docking areas and for security services are included.

Is parking available?

Yes! WALTER BUSINESS PARK has lots of parking spaces in front of each rental unit. These are available for you, your employees and your guests to use free of charge.

What is the public transport/infrastructure like?

WALTER BUSINESS-PARK has direct motorway access in the industrial centre "IZ NÖ-Süd". This location offers excellent connections to the motorway, Vienna International Airport and the centre of Vienna.

The industrial centre has its own nursery school, numerous shops and various restaurants.

How accessible is it by public transport?

WALTER BUSINESS-PARK is directly connected to a well established bus network run by the Transport Association for the Eastern Region.

Which energy classes do the individual properties offer?

Under "Currently available space" the energy class and HWB (heating requirements) are listed for each property.

Currently available space

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