Flexible combination of office & warehouse space

Rental example 1
400 m² office &
1.000 m² warehouse
Rental example 2
500 m² office &
200 m² warehouse
Rental example 3
300 m² office &
400 m² warehouse
Rental example 4
250 m² office
without warehouse
5 steps to your new location
Step 1

Every relocation begins with enquiring about available rental space and the conditions. We assist you from the outset with informed answers in all technical and organisational matters.

Step 2

Our in-house Building and Facility Management team first analyses your current situation and then discusses your future space requirements in terms of your individual requirements.

Step 3

Based on the data collected, we develop cost- and user-optimised solutions and start with detailed planning. At the same time, our team enters into discussions with the authorities and assists you with professional know-how.

Step 4

In the construction phase, we coordinate the specialist planners and tradespeople. In addition, we supervise exact adherence to the agreed schedule and oversee the construction work.

Step 5
Moving in

Moving into the new unit completes the relocation. Of course, our in-house Facility Management team will also be happy to assist you after you have moved into your new company location.