For interested parties

Mr Stefan Ziegler

Stefan Ziegler is an authorised representative of WALTER BUSINESS-PARK. In addition to management tasks, he looks after prospective tenants from initial contact to move-in. He also looks after the concerns of our tenants when it comes to expansions or consolidations.

Mr Alfred Bauer

If you have questions about logistics, then Alfred Bauer, Managing Director of WALTER BUSINESS-PARK is the man to ask. He can also advise you on the various combination possibilities of office and warehouse space as well as how we can support you with additional storage space during seasonal stock fluctuations.

Building and facility management

Ms Elisa Bajraj

Elisa Bajraj coordinates the cleaning and ensures that all units in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK, as well as the open spaces and parks, are well-kept and clean.

Ms Cornelia Kopper

Cornela Kopper coordinates the maintenance and landscaping of the green spaces in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK. In addition, she supports security management and building administration.

Mr Johannes Steindl

Johannes Steindl is an authorised representative and manages the in-house Building and Facility Management and is responsible for all construction and infrastructure projects in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK.

Mr Benjamin Stanciu

Benjamin Stanciu supports new tenants in the planning and adaptation of their new company location. He organises and coordinates all work until completion and handover of the rental unit to the tenant. His responsibilities also include the maintenance of all WALTER BUSINESS-PARK units.

Mr Michael Schöffauer

Michael Schöffauer is the "mastermind" of building services and ensures the best climatic conditions as well as the best possible reliability of equipment.

Mr Günter Maurer

Günter Maurer is fire protection officer in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK and has lots of experience in safety issues. He carries out patrols checking that safety regulations are adhered to.


Mr Florian Strobl

Florian Strobl is our in-house lawyer who oversees all legal matters in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK and is responsible for all rental agreements.

Building services

Mr Franz Steinbrecher

Franz Steinbrecher is an in-house technician in WALTER BUSINESS-PARK. His area of expertise is heating, air conditioning and sanitary.

Mr Rainer Brunner

Rainer Brunner is an in-house technician of WALTER BUSINESS-PARK and the expert per se when it comes to electrics.