Annual fire drill

Since opening 30 years ago, the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK has proved to be a secure location. And there's good reason for that: the in-house facility management, a thoroughly developed security concept, in-house security officers and conscientious maintenance of all regulations! In spite of the most modern safety precautions, a fire in buildings is still considered one of the greatest dangers. Usually, negligence and shortcomings in the awareness of possible risks and hazards when dealing with fire, electricity and flammable materials are the typical causes.

The "classic" potential hazards

Neglectful trivialities such as locked flight doors, failure to maintain an appropriate safety distance around forklift loading stations or a leaving a coffee maker unattended on the stove can lead to the most serious incidents. Thanks to period walk-throughs, our in-house security team makes sure that any hazards or risks are recognised early on and are immediately eliminated.

Annual fire drill

In order to successfully conduct firefighting operations at the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK in an emergency, we organise a large fire drill every year with the fire brigade. A few weeks ago, we staged a "fire" in the recently opened building phase 7. It was an ideal opportunity for the men of the fire brigade to learn about the building itself, including the technology behind it all.

In this spectacular drill, the participants practiced saving three unconscious individuals from the building. The stairwells and the office were filled with smoke. The units fought their way through the hazardous areas and saved the target persons.

Property protection for all buildings

In addition to personal safety, security management also includes property protection of buildings and facilities. For this purpose, the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK has engaged a professional security service. The entire premises are watched and patrolled with guard dogs. The patrols occur throughout the week as well as on Sundays and holidays at intermittent periods.

The central guardhouse is occupied 24 hours a day.