New "landmark" in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK:
The "Walters" restaurant

In August 2021, the ground-breaking ceremony for one of the most innovative new building projects in Central Europe's largest industrial centre will take place. With the "Walters" a restaurant project is being implemented that will offer system catering at a high level for the tenants of WALTER BUSINESS-PARK, the employees of the WALTER GROUP and visitors to the IZ NÖ-Süd. The architecture of this restaurant is extremely attractive: a 400 m2 forest is being created in the inner courtyard, which will provide guests with fresh, cool forest air. The different restaurant zones such as the open kitchen, a cafeteria, an a-la-carte restaurant and the spacious seating areas for the self-service restaurant are arranged around the inner courtyard. Large, electrically controlled glass fronts can be opened on to the courtyard, depending on the weather. The restaurant will seat more than 300 guests.