Italian coffee tradition at the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK: Where the Hausbrandt business grows!

Anyone who approaches Object 77 in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK will notice the wonderful scent of freshly roasted coffee in the air. The reason for this is the Italian company Hausbrandt, which moved its location to Wiener Neudorf in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK in 2018 in order to supply its Austrian customers with coffee, wine and beer of the highest quality. The highest quality was also the top priority when looking for a location, and so today one can enjoy a unique infrastructure paired with flexible warehouse and office design. This is an important part of Hausbrandt's success story, which we will review together over a delicious cup of coffee with Christoph Jedlicka, Managing Director of Hausbrandt Austria.

The warehouse: increased efficiency with clear access for all suppliers

For a trading company with its own warehouse, convenient transport connections are an immense advantage. The immediate proximity to the A2 motorway from the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK allows Hausbrandt to serve the Austrian market with ease. The cornerstone for this was laid by Mr. Jedlicka's very specific requirement - access for articulated lorries: "There was no loading and unloading access for articulated lorries in our old rental property, which presented us with major challenges." Today at Hausbrandt, the rear access for articulated lorries, and the front for parcel delivery, enable an optimal logistic cycle. The storage height of 8.5m also ensures greater efficiency: “The generous storage height made it possible for us to buy pallet racks and thus multiply our storage space. That and the access for all suppliers, regardless of the vehicle, ensured an enormous increase in efficiency!”.

This improvement ultimately led to the growth of the company, which supplies the Austrian market from Wiener Neudorf. An acute need for an even larger warehouse has already been made possible with flexible warehouse expansion: "Of course we want to make use of this option quite often in the future!" Mr. Jedlicka looks with confidence towards the future and is sure that his business in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK will continue to grow.


The office: individual designs to the highest standards

A big plus with regard to the office space is the individual design, which at Hausbrandt means a separate training room for coffee seminars and tastings: “The possibility of designing the room layout ourselves gave us the opportunity to have a training and tasting room with two professional-standard coffee machines setup." The Italian flair continues throughout in the design of all other rooms – the experience further enhanced when enjoying the perfect cappuccino during the interview. Of course, Mr. Jedlicka has prepared it personally: "Hausbrandt would also like to offer its neighbours such moments of pleasure and therefore we keep the doors to the tasting room open at all times." You can then allow the Hausbrandt quality to speak for itself. Hausbrandt's goal for the future is to create these joyful moments for as many consumers as possible. A diverse and lively professional neighborhood is of course an added advantage.


The whole package: employee-friendly events and the WALTER-family feeling.

Whoever rents in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK should feel comfortable - regardless of whether they are a managing director or a brand new employee. The many advantages include free parking spaces for customers and employees and the high standards we set for our own service: from the initial contact when looking for a location to in-house facility management, our tenants have someone at their disposal at all times. On top of that, you can look forward to the events in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK: “Events such as the drinks stand in winter or the barbecue in summer are key dates for our team and an absolute highlight every year” Mr. Jedlicka assures us, and he cannot wait for the summer festival in June this year. With a good atmosphere and an excellent barbecue, it is an ideal opportunity to network with other businesses on site. If you are also looking for a location that will allow your business to expand, then contact us. With the right location and your skills, you definitely have the potential to ensure a success story in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK, similar to the Hausbrandt company


About the company:

"HAUSBRANDT Trieste 1892" is the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy. The family business is represented in over 90 countries with its Italian espresso. The company has been a tenant in the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK since July 2018 with an office and warehouse combination.